Sunday, September 11, 2011

9 11 - take time to remember

this would have been too long to try to copy and paste into here, cnn has the full list of the people who perished on 9 11 01.

thanks to all those who serve for us daily - army, navy, airforce, marines, coast guard, firefighters, police, emt's, hospital workers and anyone else i may have forgotten

peace and luv to all

9-11-01 remembered

ten years ago today - hard to believe it has been ten years, but it has.  ten years ago today i was on a bus on my way to work listening to jackie and bender on kiss 106.1 fm seattle when the world turned upside down.  at first i remember thinking, what kind of idiot crashes a plane into the world trade center?  it is new york - if you are going down, head for the open water not the middle of manhatten.  then they said a second plane had hit the other tower.  and we all just knew.  our world, our lives would never be the same.  i continued into work, thinking we would be sent home for the day.  i called my mom and told her to keep the tv off.  my son was 11 and he would hear about it all at school i knew but that didnt mean i wanted the visual images (which i had not seen yet) in his mind.  i got to work and called my baby sister who was in virginia since her husband was stationed there to see how she was and if david was being deployed or what.  she was cleaning her house with cd's playing and i had to tell her to sit down and turn on the tv.  she was dumbfounded.  she needed to get off the phone and call the base to find out what was going on with her hubby.  while she did that we found out at work that we could leave but we might also lose our job if we did.  talk about losing respect for your manager when three of us had family in new york as well as numerous people with friends/family who were in the service.  but we were told that we could make all the calls we needed to and trust that i did.  i called my mom probably 10 times asking about my cousins in new york - just had one of those gut feelings.  she kept assuring me that aunt ginny had spoken to aunt linda and everyone was fine, but i didnt think so.  it turns out my cousin maureen was in the world trade center - normally she wouldnt have been, she worked from home and it was her birthday, but there was a mandatory in person meeting that she had to attend.  she lived through it, but i honestly cannot imagine what it did to her life.  i am glad that we do talk here and there on facebook, she is an awesome person.  i talked to jaymee  and found out that the base was on lockdown, but since david was non essential personnel he was allowed to go home.  but her neighbors hubby got escorted home and only had 5 minutes to say goodbye and grab all his gear.  i finally got home around 530 that evening - still having not seen any of the footage and my mom was watching while my son was in his room playing video games and as i saw the second plane hitting - i fell to my knees and sobbed.  the following days were eerie, we lived less than a mile from seatac airport and there were no planes.  well i take that back, we had fly-bys from fighter jets, but no commercial airplanes.  my son spent several days sitting in his closet working out in his 11 year old mind what had happened as well as what was going to happen now.  he was eventually ok, but it did take some counseling at school to help.  my family was all ok, but as a nation, we did what they didnt expect - it brought us closer together as a nation.  10 years later, i think we need to get back to that.  it didnt matter what race, religion, or anything else you were, you were an american and that is all you needed to know.  anyway, that is how i remember this day 10 years ago.  i was not sure i wanted to share it but i feel it is good to share this with others.
remember, peace and love to all, laura