Friday, December 28, 2012

Didja Miss Me??

Ok, so when I am struggling in life, I tend to let my blog slide.  I have been looking for solid permanent work for a while now and hopefully I am almost there.  I am totally looking forward to 2013 - especially since the world didn't end on December 21st and all.  So, with all that said, I am working on a plan for blogging for 2013 and I hope to be able to keep it up ALL year long.  Sometimes I just end up taking on too much and then everything suffers.  I would love to blog every day, I would love to do project 365, I would love to do project life for a full year, I would love to do a cooking blog where I actually make all my pinterest recipes.  But for now I will plan on one blog a week, with an eclectic variety of things that make up my life.

Hope you will all stick it out with me,
As always, peace and luv to all,


PS Merry (late) Christmas