Friday, May 25, 2012

100 things I love

Hello all, I am so sorry for being MIA for so long.  Between my job and being sick I just didn’t have enough left in me to come up with anything to write about.  I am loving this idea for today since I can use it in both my blogs – as it is about my life as well as a great journal prompt.  I honestly don’t remember where I found this list idea but it is from somewhere on the web – if anyone knows please let me know so I can give proper credit J anyway, this is a list of 100 things I love – and I for one think everyone should work on this list to either share or keep just for yourself.  It really helps remind you of how amazing life is – even the daily routine parts of it.

Ø  10 Activities
1)      Nature walks
2)      Walking in the rain
3)      Singing my heart out to country music
4)      Playing video games
5)      Exploring Seattle and surrounding areas
6)      Wandering in graveyards
7)      Taking photos of things as I see them
8)      Smiling at random people
9)      Genealogy
10)  Digital scrapbooking
Ø  10 Restaurants
1)      Outback
2)      Olive garden
3)      Zoopa
4)      Jimmy Mac’s
5)      Famous Dave’s BBQ
6)      Wendys
7)      Taco Time
8)      Iron Horse Casino
9)      Sonic
10)  IHOP
Ø  10 People
1)      Barak Obama
2)      Oprah Winfrey
3)      Ellen DeGeneres
4)      My sister Jaymee
5)      My son Jesse
6)      My Aunt Ginny
7)      My Grandma
8)      My Mom
9)      My Auntie Nano
10)  ME
Ø  10 Foods
1)      My split pea soup
2)      My ham and bean soup
3)      Fresh baked bread
4)      Pizza
5)      Burritos
6)      Buffalo Chicken
7)      Chicken and dumplings
8)      Beef stew and biscuits
9)      Broccoli
10)  Salad
Ø  10 Music Artists
1)      Kelly Clarkson
2)      Adele
3)      Allison Krauss
4)      Blue October
5)      Linkin Park
6)      AC/DC
7)      Seether
8)      Taylor Swift
9)      Reba McIntyre
10)  Dixie Chicks
Ø  6 Drinks/Beverages
1)      Cranberry sierra mist
2)      Water
3)      Rum & Coke
4)      Sprite
5)      Mocha Frappuccino
6)      Raspberry Smith & Wesson
Ø  4 Desserts
1)      Chocolate cherry cake
2)      Dump cake
3)      Chocolate chip cookies
4)      Chocolate no bake cookies
Ø  10 Candies
1)      M&M’s
2)      Milky Way
3)      Tootsie Rolls
4)      Coffee Nips
5)      Boston Baked Beans
6)      Peppermints
7)      Peanut butter cups
8)      Jelly Bellies
9)      Mr Goodbar
10)  Take 5 bar
Ø  10 Web Sites
1)      Facebook
2)      Blogger
3)      Pinterest
4)      Craft Crave
5)      Pixel of Ink
6)      IMDB
7)      Google
8)      Ancestry
9)      Seattle Times
10)  Cyndi’s List
Ø  10 Writers
1)      Stephen King – Christine, Carrie and many more
2)      Anne Rice – interview with a vampire and many more
3)      V.C. Andrews – flowers in the attic and many more
4)      Stephanie Meyer – twilight series
5)      Suzanne Collins – Hunger Games Series
6)      Cassandra Clare – Mortal instruments series
7)      Karen Marie Moning – Fever Series
8)      Julie Kagawa – Iron Fey Series
9)      Stephen Cosgrove – Serendipity books
10)  Edgar Allen Poe – the Raven and many more
Ø  10 Famous lines from books/movies
1)      “you have a baby . . . . in a bar” – Sweet Home Alabama
2)      “my insurance does not cover PMS” – 10 Things I Hate About You
3)      “I’m older and have better insurance” – Fried Green Tomatoes
4)      “I went to rock n roll heaven and I wasn’t on the guest list” – Empire Records
5)      “Yipee-ki-yay, motherf**ker” – Die Hard
6)      If you're so smart, tell me something, how come you go to M.I.T. for 8 years to become a cable repairman?” – Independence Day
7)      “If I am not me, then who the hell am I?” – Total Recall
8)      “The lover’s don’t always live happily ever after, even when they’ve done what seemed right as well as they could do it” – Stephen King Christine
9)      “Last night you said you wanted to know what to expect so you could better select your attire.  I told you we were going to visit a vampire in a Goth-den tonight.  Why, then, Ms. Lane, do you look like a perky rainbow?” – Karen Marie Moning Darkfever
10)  “Gravity Works” – FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Hope this will get you through till we meet again
peace and luv

Sunday, May 20, 2012

i have been sick

i dont know what is wrong - it is like a bad cold that wont go away but no coughing - anyway, i will try my best to get a great update post with photos up soon

peace and luv to all

Friday, May 4, 2012


Hello all,

Well it has now been almost 2 weeks since I posted.  Sorry life got in the way.  Here is what I have been up to:
Working – of course J
I was sick for a few days – too sick even for the internet so you know it was bad
Last weekend was girls time with my sister – original plan was to go to the Jefferson County Expo, and go to roller derby in Port Angeles (port scandalous) and dancing Friday or Saturday night.  What actually happened – went to the casino Friday night with Jaymee’s friend John, unfortunately the band really sucked so we decided to pick up some rum and coke (well black cherry rum and cherry coke) and head back to the house for the evening.  Needless to say, everyone was in bed by probably 1130.  (oh and john was at his house) so Saturday morning jaymee and I got up and went to IHOP for breakfast which was really good J then did some shopping at Wal-Mart and ran a few errands.  Then we decided to play supermodel – which is where I take pictures of jaymee around town wherever we decide.  So we stopped back by the house and changed and headed out for the day.  First stop the northwest maritime center in port Townsend.  

We took a few photos there and then decided to walk back into town to artisans on taylor to see if Anna was working – and she was so we visited for a while.  Then we decided we needed photos at Chetzamoca Park so off we went.  

And just as a little added detail – you have to realize that one of jaymee and my favorite “games” is car karaoke – we put in whatever music it will be for that day and just sing like we are superstars so every time we end up back in the car it is more karaoke time.  We can sing Reba just like Reba (minus the keeping a tune part but still we are superstars while in the car).  So more photos taken and off to Fat Smitty’s for lunch (fat smitty burger and fries split between us) then off to Port Angeles we went – we headed down to the pier since we still had about an hour before jaymee needed to check in for roller derby.  She was NSOing this bout.  And we just hung out by the water and played with this lady’s dog – she was a basset hound and I totally fell in deep love with them while visiting my family in Kentucky last October.  We had some girl talk which is always nice.  

Then we headed out to the roller rink for derby night.  I love getting there early since jaymee has meetings and I can scope out where I think the best place to sit will be for me to take photos.

This time I got to hang out with jaymee’s friend Adrienne from high school and her 7 year old daughter.  

It was fun having someone to hang out with during the bout and we had a lot to talk about since she is a kindergarten teacher and I used to work with special needs kids all in public schools. So after the bout we headed to Bar9 for the after party and lord have mercy it was a fun time!!  Good music, awesome people, good food (had some Cajun fries) a couple drinks and then we were ready for bed – so we said our goodbyes and headed to the car only to realize that it was only 10:30 but still we were tired so we headed back to the house and went to bed.   Sunday we headed back to my side of the water with the plan of getting lunch and then going to the zoo – well we got lunch and life just went downhill from there.  We didn’t go to the zoo, jaymee just took me home and hung out for about an hour then headed back.  I was sick, she was sick, it was not a great way to end a fun weekend.  But we are both better now and looking forward to more adventure – after all it is Cinco de Mayo this weekend – gotta celebrate the Mexican food!!

If you are reading this and there are no photos, check back tonight as I will add them after I get home from work.

Hope you all had a great week
Peace and luv to all

***Photos have now been added***
bonus photo of me