Wednesday, February 25, 2009

catching up again.....

ok so i took a temp job for a couple of weeks and am very behind in my daily scrapbooking pages. however the assignment ended due to lack of work so hopefully i can get caught up in the next day or two.

peace and luv

Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9 2009

this was a saying that my mom liked a lot. meddle not with dragons...for thou art crunchy and taste good with catsup! that is how i am feeling today. i missed work cuz there was ice and snow on the sidewalk and i didnt want to slip and fall and really mess up my knees. so i am frustrated with myself because i cannot walk the way i used to. i am frustrated that i missed my second day of work. i am tired of pain. but until i have something with good insurance there is not much i can do but deal with the pain. and it sux royally!! oh well - i will get a goodnights sleep and hopefully be all smiles for work tomorrow :)

peace and luv

february 8 2009

i didnt really do a page for today. i just had a pretty lazy day. i do that once in a while. i read about half of the third twilight book........ i am sooooo hooked on these books it is not even funny!! vampires......werewolves........regular people........and set in forks!! i have been through there - never stopped though. i love riding through the rainforest - the trees there are amazing!! and then you pop out at the ocean. it is heaven on earth. at least for me anyway. perhaps when i do my page for the 9th i will do one for the 8th too. you just never know with me. anyway

peace and luv i'm out for now

february 7 2009

ok....... original plan for today was to go to the ocean but we didnt wake up till like 10 so we decided to go shopping and get tattoos instead...... so off to walmart in federal way we went - i got sick and almost passed out in the freakin store so we started heading home. on the way jamee asked if i still wanted to go to the tmobile store and look at a new phone but we were by southcenter and i was like yeah but not here kent or factoria. so off to factoria we went. i got a great new phone. then we decided that instead of getting back on 405 to come back we would take 90 east to 900 and come back the back way. as we left the freeway we passed a gas station and decided we should turn around and get gas just in case we got lost. so we turned up this street that said it had a zoo - i kept arguing there is not a zoo here - so we followed the sign and sure enough there was a zoo. cougar mountain zoo. we had a great time!! spent several hours there looking at the tigers and parrots and all the other animals. then the one zoo worker took her time and explained about a lot of the animals and went with us for one more look at the tigers and she got them to play for us - it was awesome!! we never did get tattoos we never went to the ocean we didnt do most of the things we planned but we had an awesome time at the zoo and added another great jamee and laura adventure to our memories!!

February 6 2009

Jamee's take on friday night at the bar - she took lots of merick since he hates his picture being taken. he admitted that i probably have more pictures of him than his own family does!! then mark and dominic showed up and well it was a fun night!! especially after my first day at work - yay for me!!

February 5 2009

this is truely a crappy picture but it is all i have - i went to kent today for a face to face with one of my agencies and left with a job. temp but still a job!! this is a picture of some military truck that was parked across the highway from the bus stop and i thought it was interesting - no hot guys with it but still lol

february 4 2009

this is samantha and rich - and baby william he just is not born yet!! i adore them and cannot wait to meet baby william.

february 4 2009

this is samantha and rich - and baby william he just is not born yet!! i adore them and cannot wait to meet baby william.

February 3 2009

my beautiful nephew kaleb on his first birthday

February 2 2009

a huge tree fell on the cabin - this is a couple of the pictures.

February 1 2009

memorial picture for Melanie and Mac we pretty much knew when she passed away in december that he would not be far behind her. they are both loved and missed

January 31 2009

R.I.P. Mac - Mac became part of our lives because he was my step sister's step dad. he eventually adopted her and became her real father - like he wanst before but still!! he was always there for me when i needed a father to talk to and always there for jesse - that was his grandaddy mac and he adored him. he will be greatly missed but always remembered and loved.

January 30 2009

Jesse's 19th birthday. it really does seem like just yesterday that he was just a little baby but he is grown now - not grown up yet lol just grown!!

january 29 2009

my cousin john had to do a 2 day heart test so we took pictures of him all hooked up to the little machine and it reminded me of the girly frankenstein i had. so i did this funny page for him.

January 28 2009

baby has decided that she should drink from coffee cups. this is crazy since she has always been anti human - no people food only cat food drink from the bowl - and now all of a sudden she wants water in cups left for her. Crazy Psycho Cat!!!

january 27 2009

snow - rain - fog - and m&m's all in all a good day!!

January 26 2009

happy chinese new year - welcome to the year of the ox

January 25 2009

this is a scanned copy of a book i wrote for jesse in 2001. we had a thing here with art pigs placed all over the greater downtown seattle area. jesse took a day and walked all over seattle looking for pigs - we called it pigquest 2001!! when we got home and looked at the pictures we took this was the story i came up with. i wrote it down and added the pictures so that he could have it forever.

January 24 2009

a selection of mom's sympathy cards. i had not really read them when she passed away, so i read them and it is only now almost 2 years later that i feel that i am starting to be ok with her dying.

January 23 2009

i did two versions on jan 23 -- it is just random headlines from the paper i think if you read them it is pretty self explanitory!!

January 22 2009

the journaling reads "this was back in october but i just recovered the pictures today. on this day we went over to bremerton to see mel and mac. i knew it was a blustery day but did not realize until the next day that we had sustained winds of over 50 mph while we were riding the ferry! awesome to ride a boat in that kind of weather!!" it was a crazy ride - if you tried to go out on the deck at the front of the boat it felt like you would get blown right off the boat - so we just went out the back and took pictures from inside.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

goodnight for now

i am outta here will work hard on getting this thing up to speed by next weekend.

peace and luv

january 21 2009

it was yet another foggy day in renton. took a couple pictures of the fog but what was mesmerizing me was the droplets on the hanging branches of the tree out in front of the building. they were beautiful.

january 20 2009

collage of new photos of the inauguration of president obama. agree with him as president or not this was history in the making. this is one of those stories you tell your grand children about when you have them.

January 17 2009

poor jesse having to live with a mom with a happy camera trigger finger. i look over this morning and his hair was sticking up so i took a picture of it. jesse's bad hair day!!

January 16 2009

my journaling - because so many people hear from me that i am working on the family tree -- this is my book so far - 5 inches thick. this does not include all the documents i have scanned into my computer or items i just saved into my computer. when it is done - it will be amazing - at least to me!! I have loved working on the family tree the past few years and have loved my unemployment time to really do some serious digging into things. as of this writing i have over 1800 people in my family tree now.

January 15 2009

had a bad day with unemployment so reverted to my creative side and made word art... bad day that was an understatement - but in the end everything worked out. clockwise from top left - faith hill lyrics "all my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze when i'm lying wrappen up in your arms the whole world just fades away the only thing i hear is the beating of your heart", avril lavine lyrics "so go and tell your friends that i'm obsessive and crazy that's fine i'll tell mine your gay", taylor swift lyrics "hold on, baby you're losing it the waters high, your jumping into it and letting go and no one knows that you cry, but you don't tell anyone that you might not be the golden one and your tied together with a smile but your coming undone" and finally another taylor swift one "I'm alone, on my own, and that's all i know i'll be strong, i'll be wrong, oh but life goes on"

January 14 2009

my journaling says "i love winter days that start out foggy then get just beautiful. here are some of the things i saw today." on this day i went to tukwilla for yet another agency that claimed they had work for me but yet that is pretty much the last i heard from them. oh well! anyway it was really foggy when i left the house and it looked really cool up the hill where you could see above the fog then by southcenter it was just socked in, but when i left my appointment it was sunny so i explored this path i saw on the way in and got a great view of the flooded green river and then when i went to turn and head back to the bus there was this backboard looking thing with awesome native artwork on it. i went and caught my bus and instead of going the quick way home rode into seattle and then back home. all in all a good day.

january 13 2009

first night of american idol - totally love this girl. i hope she makes it through the judges in hollywood so that i can vote for her!!

January 12 2009

pieces of me -- yeah i know i spelled it wrong in my picture - oh well!! this is all me - clockwise from top left - me at 2 years old, me, rikki mcclurg and stephen sewell at the chimacum jr/sr prom, me halloween three or four years ago, me and tom when i was in 5th grade - he was my flavor of the moment lol, my glamor shot from 91, me playing on a playground when i was like 6 or 7, and me last summer (08)

January 11 2009

ok so i am a huge seether fan and they have an album called finding beauty in negative spaces. well that is all i could think about when i found yet another group - this one is photos of cemetaries. they have some of the most georgous art in them. i wish i could take credit for any of these pictures but they are england and france and a couple in kentucky. that is a day trip for another day - going out to remote small cemetaries and takeing pictures.

January 10 2009

didnt really venture out - my knees were hurting pretty bad today. but i found this group about abandoned places and spent my day daydreaming about them!! these are all pictures from cathedrals in england and france. they are soooo beautiful. someday when i can get around better again i will take pictures of places around here.

January 9 2009

went over to the river to take my own pictures of the flooding!! it has not been this high since they dredged it like 15 years ago. crazy stuff!! i felt bad for the ducks cuz their food source was under feet and feet of rushing water. jesse and i watched a huge tree float down the river and it actually made it past the log jam under the williams ave bridge. something we will always remember.

January 8 2009

ok so this day i did two pages - the first one both the cats were sitting with jesse - since they barely tolerate each other this was amazing and you can see the confusion in miss kitty's face when she looked at the camera. I also used some photos from the renton reporter of the cedar river flooding. craziness!!!

life is busy now!!

so i finally got a job!! started friday - went out celebrating with jamee friday night - had a girls day on saturday and have been playing catch up all day today!! i am going to try to get all my back pages for this year posted this week while keeping on top of the ones i am doing each day as well. so while i am watching the grammys i will work on this !!

peace and luv

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

january 7 2009

January 6 2009

today i just scrapped with some older photos from my phone - taken around town. there is a sign on a bus that says "you stand there, we show up. that's how we roll" i think that is the most hillarious one ever!! then a picture of the sun breaking through the gray day, construction work at the renton bus barn (was trying to capture the sparks from the welding and the wet from the rain and puddles) and finally a smile from a bellevue construction crew.

January 5 2009

my journaling on this page is: found the most wonderful site today (this is actually a group). abandoned places. they have the most wonderful pics ever! spent a lot of my day lurking and looking since i cant really get out for my own pics right now i am choosing a couple from here.

January 4 2009

Have read the first two Twilight books and wanted to make a twilight themed page....... and when seeing some of the quotes I just knew that it also needed a photo of Merick.

January 3 2009

today was Melanie's funeral. This is a picture of her and my mom.

January 2 2009

Today there were the most awesome clouds in the sky. What my journaling on my scrapbook page says is: Sometimes in live God reminds us that He is Everpresent. That no matter what we are dealing with He is there. Who knew on Jan 2 2009 after 2 weeks trapped in due to snow that we would get such a beautiful day with such amazing clouds to look at? It made me remember so much of what I have to be thankful for this year.

January 1 2009

I spent New Years Eve at Williams (my regular Friday night haunt) got to see Dee, TJ, Andre, Bo, Jason, Damien, Steve, Samantha, Rich and Stewie. All in all a great night. Not Seattle but better because it is the Friday Night Family. Yes there was an overcast due to Kyle not being with us anymore. Yes we will all miss him, but life does go on. It was jukebox night (no band) which meant Jukebox Wars (in the nicest way of course). I opted to not take pictures - not sure why it just didnt feel right at the time.
Goals for this year:
Keep working on my family tree
work on my life story book
take lots of pictures
journal every day and add pictures when i can
go back to counseling - deal with some stuff that still needs dealt with
get a job or possibly start a home daycare
get my mom's ashes into the ocean this spring
stay accountable for my choices

Peace and Luv

A year in the life of............ ME!!

for the next few days i will be backtracking............ so that there is some kind of post for almost every day of the year. hope i can keep this up. and i know i should use capitals but i dont so just deal with it kk?? kewl

peace and luv