Sunday, February 8, 2009

January 14 2009

my journaling says "i love winter days that start out foggy then get just beautiful. here are some of the things i saw today." on this day i went to tukwilla for yet another agency that claimed they had work for me but yet that is pretty much the last i heard from them. oh well! anyway it was really foggy when i left the house and it looked really cool up the hill where you could see above the fog then by southcenter it was just socked in, but when i left my appointment it was sunny so i explored this path i saw on the way in and got a great view of the flooded green river and then when i went to turn and head back to the bus there was this backboard looking thing with awesome native artwork on it. i went and caught my bus and instead of going the quick way home rode into seattle and then back home. all in all a good day.

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