Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January 1 2009

I spent New Years Eve at Williams (my regular Friday night haunt) got to see Dee, TJ, Andre, Bo, Jason, Damien, Steve, Samantha, Rich and Stewie. All in all a great night. Not Seattle but better because it is the Friday Night Family. Yes there was an overcast due to Kyle not being with us anymore. Yes we will all miss him, but life does go on. It was jukebox night (no band) which meant Jukebox Wars (in the nicest way of course). I opted to not take pictures - not sure why it just didnt feel right at the time.
Goals for this year:
Keep working on my family tree
work on my life story book
take lots of pictures
journal every day and add pictures when i can
go back to counseling - deal with some stuff that still needs dealt with
get a job or possibly start a home daycare
get my mom's ashes into the ocean this spring
stay accountable for my choices

Peace and Luv

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