Monday, February 9, 2009

february 7 2009

ok....... original plan for today was to go to the ocean but we didnt wake up till like 10 so we decided to go shopping and get tattoos instead...... so off to walmart in federal way we went - i got sick and almost passed out in the freakin store so we started heading home. on the way jamee asked if i still wanted to go to the tmobile store and look at a new phone but we were by southcenter and i was like yeah but not here kent or factoria. so off to factoria we went. i got a great new phone. then we decided that instead of getting back on 405 to come back we would take 90 east to 900 and come back the back way. as we left the freeway we passed a gas station and decided we should turn around and get gas just in case we got lost. so we turned up this street that said it had a zoo - i kept arguing there is not a zoo here - so we followed the sign and sure enough there was a zoo. cougar mountain zoo. we had a great time!! spent several hours there looking at the tigers and parrots and all the other animals. then the one zoo worker took her time and explained about a lot of the animals and went with us for one more look at the tigers and she got them to play for us - it was awesome!! we never did get tattoos we never went to the ocean we didnt do most of the things we planned but we had an awesome time at the zoo and added another great jamee and laura adventure to our memories!!

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