Monday, May 9, 2011

week 5 - favorite food

What was your favorite food from childhood? If it was homemade, who made it? What was in this dish, and why was it your favorite? What is your favorite dish now?

Favorite food from childhood-- hmmm I loved my moms homemade chili with spaghetti noodles in it, homemade mac n cheese, my auntie carylee's pink chicken (chicken in red wine sauce), oh and stew and biscuits. the chili i still make minus the spaghetti noodles - i usually make rice to go with it. the mac n cheese i still make but i add sauteed onions, green and red peppers and usually turkey ham. pink chicken - cant say that i make that one. and stew and biscuits yeah cuz slow cookers rule!! I think my favorite dish now is probably spaghetti or chili or tacos or salad or ............. yeah just depends on my mood.

week 4 - Home

Describe the house in which you grew up. Was it big or small? What made it unique? Is it still there today?

We moved a lot throughout my lifetime, when I was 4-5 we lived in Yessler Terrace in Seattle, those were townhouses with little fenced in yards. When I was 6-7 we lived in Campbell California in a converted dairy barn. One half was my mom's and the other half was my grandparents. They were both studios so mom, my brother and I all slept on a hide a bed couch. When we moved back up to the Seattle area at 8 we moved to Royal Hills in Renton. There we had a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment. The area was unique since it was the only thing at the bottom of this huge hill. But that meant lots of woods to explore in as a kid. It was also the first time my brother and I had our own rooms. The first few months mom constantly found us both sleeping in one room or the other. After my mom remarried, we lived in two different houses in the Renton Highlands, a house in the Northgate area of Seattle, then I moved in with my step dad's ex wife and their family in Port Hadlock, WA, then an apartment in Kent, stayed with friends in San Diego for a bit, then back to Renton where we bounced around a lot but stayed in the same neighborhood for 20 years. As far as I know, everything except for the house in Campbell, CA, is still there today.

ok i am so far behind -- but plan to catch up this week

Once again life got in the way of blogging, but yeah I am all settled now in Burien and am going to try my best to not only catch up on this but keep it up weekly as well.

Peace and luv