Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bonding over Bret Michaels

what better way for sisters who are 9 1/2 years apart in age to bond then over a Bret Michaels concert? so yesterday was opening day of the puyallup fair - otherwise known as the western washington state fair and after the rodeo bret michaels played a concert. and while we really wanted to see everything, we ended up seeing only the arts and crafts pavillion and the rodeo and concert. on the way from home to the fair, we stopped in tacoma so that i could see where my grandma, grandpa and great aunt are interred at. i had never been there - sometime i want to go back and explore that cemetery because it had some really old graves in it. then we went to sonic for burgers - cuz sonic is the bombdiggity and now there are three in western wa and they are all in the tacoma/pierce county area. then off to the fair - and the parking disaster they call fair parking. i have handicapped parking due to my knees and back, and the lots on the side we came in by didnt have any handicapped parking left so we decide to find the parking by the blue gate (this is the main enterance) and we got lost then we were going the wrong direction to turn in to the parking so up farther and turn around and finally into the parking. and off into the fair - and to find the arts and crafts since jamee's friend heather had several entries there and we wanted photos of course. then we wandered around a bit and decided to get in line for bret michaels stuff only to stand there not moving for 40 minutes - so that killed a lot of looking around time. by the time we got our stuff (thanks jamee for getting me stuff too) it was time to go in and find our seats for the rodeo. i had never been to a rodeo before but i really liked it. it is like my extreme sports only with horses and bulls instead of skateboards and bmx bikes. total adreniline rush over and over again. and finally - time for bret to take the stage. and he was awesome - a great mix of old poison stuff, and his new stuff as well as some covers. we clapped, she screamed, we sang our hearts out, we took tons of photos!! we fantasized all the way home!! cuz yeah he is just as tasty now as he was in the late 80's early 90's. then we stopped at a gas station for soda and potty on the way home and i totally walked into a thing of cracker jacks and said excuse me cuz i wasnt looking where i was going at all! we know the guy thought we were drunk but yeah not so much since we didnt drink any alcohol at all. we finally made it home about 130 or 2 am and then got online to post our photos to facebook - cuz we were sure the world was just waiting with baited breath for our post lol. and that ended yet another grand adventure of jamee and laura with many more to come i am sure,
peace and luv

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