Monday, October 31, 2011

Life is just one adventure after another

so it has been a while since i wrote in here (again) and in order to update you all this might get a little long :) the first of september i moved in with my friends and their son due to my about to be homeless situation.  i have loved every minute of helping them out with their 2 1/2 year old son.  then october 1st, my father passed away in a terrible accident.  my friend put her job hunt on hold and didnt blink an eye about me leaving for 16 days.  i dont fly, so i went from seattle to indianapolis by train and my cousin picked me up there and transported me back to her and her hubbys farm in shelbyville, ky.  i tried to work with my uncle and brother and get stuff taken care of for my dad, but on my dads side of the family things like that are handled by men i guess - so instead i focused on having a wonderful time getting to know this side of my family and seeing the area my family is all from.  i did get to go see cave hill cemetery for a little bit, but we didnt know that they close at 430 daily when we decided to go spend an hour and a half at lunch.  i am now back home with my friends, and i am watching the little man while they are both at work at least through the end of the year.  i will decide what i will do after that another day :) here are some of the photos i took at cave hill cemetery i hope you all enjoy them:

Peace and Luv to everyone, Laura

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