Thursday, January 14, 2010

johnson family tree

I have been working hard on the johnson family tree this week. i am slowly - methodically - adding people one at a time, making sure i have copies of all the documentation i have on ancestry downloaded to my computer, adding the documents to the correct file on office live so that i can file share with my family members, and then going on to the next person. i would guess it is taking me about an hour per person - some longer some shorter but on average an hour. it dawned on me in the predawn hours of the morning today that a) i should still be sleeping and b) i need to add photos to each folder on my office live if i have them for that individual. as always, this is a learning experience and as i learn i can make my tree that much better. hopefully by writing this down, others can learn as well. i also took some time out yesterday to work on my best friends tree. she has a huge brick wall when it comes to her maternal grandfather's line. he was put into a paupers home with his brother as a child and shipped to canada and eventually settled in america and married her grandmother. we have his birth information but i am having a hard time locating his parents in england - but i am persistant, i will find them and be able to give her that much more information. so just to throw names out there just in case - i am looking for henry varley m. eliza ann britton had children herbert and james from nottingham england around 1850-1900. herbert was born 1893 and james 1894. if anyone has info on this family i would love to share info with them.
thanks and as always,
peace and luv

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