Sunday, January 10, 2010

starting over -- again

ok this time i am starting over with very specific goals in mind. i am breaking down my tree into sub trees. the people in my johnson family are not really interested in seeing all the people that are my extended family from my mother's (whitehouse) second marriage even though i think of all of them as family. the whitehouse line is not interested in the johnson line per se. so while i will still have my huge combined tree that shows how we are all interconnected, i will also have these main family name trees as well. so since i am doing this all manually i am verifying my documentation as i go and asking for what i cannot find from family members that are interested in helping out. i think this is going to be the best solution to my getting my tree better organized. sometimes you just have to start over like it or not. so all that being said - i am off on my johnson family quest this week. starting with my grandparents as the main couple and working forward first - as those people are all still living and i can ask questions of them - then working back and sidways (siblings). hopefully this will give me a much better idea of what i truly have and what i need.
hope everyone is having a great weekend,
peace and luv,

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