Sunday, March 14, 2010

childhood friends

this week was childhood friends - i chose to do only the ones i actually had surviving photos of. but i had a lot of friends growing up in royal hills. i hung out with a lot of guys - lincoln watts, chris dodds, wally butz, jay and robbie beebe, ron and ronnie, some were good influences some not so good but all part of my life. same with the girls i hung out with. vicky willett was my adventuring partner - wether it was camping with her family or wandering in the woods or playing barbies or dumpster diving for garage sales - life with the two of us was and always will be an adventure. sharon meyer - she was my first friend i made in royal hills. we didnt need to play dolls since her mom was a foster mom and there were usually actual babies to play with. her family is part of the reason i was a good mom. lori and jennifer whitman - trouble every time. but i went back for more every time - after the groundings were over!!
anyway until next time,
peace and luv,

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