Friday, March 12, 2010

Laura, Jamee and the dead cow

so, a couple weeks ago Jamee and I were out adventuring - we were looking for old barns for me to photograph - and she stops for what i think is to take a photo of a really kewl old farmhouse. she then gets out of the car and i am like i dont think the people will appreciate us standing out here taking photos of their house, and she is all there is a trail back there. so sure enough there is a walking/bike trail that has a sign about nesting eagles. well we think this is a kewl thing to go see so off we head. we dont get very far down the trail when we come upon this cow (see photo)

we stand there for a minute just looking at it, then we spend another 5-7 minutes discussing whether it is dead or not and if so should we go tell the people that they have a dead cow? the conversation was something like this:
"is that cow dead?" - laura
"yeah i am pretty sure it is dead" - jamee
"well if it is what can we do about it? it is across two fences" - laura
"we can go back to the farmhouse and tell them their cow is dead" - jamee
"yeah that would probably be the responsible thing to do" - laura
"i think you should climb the fence and poke it with a stick to be sure" - laura
"are you fuckin crazy? i am not climbing the fence" - jamee
"i guess we should go tell the farmer people that they have a seemingly dead cow" - laura
and just as jamee is agreeing the freakin cow moves its ear and lifts its head some.......we were all like sorry to the cow and started laughing and walking farther down the trail. as if this were not all funny enough then i had to figure out what the cow was saying to us
"go away. i am not dead. i am sleeping in what was supposed to be peace. that is why i am away from the rest of the herd. but cannot let a cow sleep in peace. if i am still i must be dead. just go away!"
we also decided that we were not walking the however far to the trees to see if there were eagles nesting yet - then later discovered that we can park farther down by the river on the same trail to look for eagles :)
so that was our dead cow adventure,
until next time,
peace and luv,

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