Sunday, May 30, 2010

wow have I been slacking on here

I have been working on E-Books for family members and have not updated this in way too long. The books I am doing for individual members not only have all the people from them back 5 generations, but also they fill out pages in their own words about themselves and all their family so it becomes a very personal thing. but they are very time consuming, a lot of emailing back and forth and such. and i decided on e-books since each book tends to end up being well over 200 pages once i add everything - and that is not including photo pages yet as i have not added them to any of the books yet. but that is why i have not been updating in here. i think since i am so engrossed in these books - i am working on 5 right now - i will just pop in and post cemetery photos so that i stay in gear.
hope everyone is having a great time with their genealogy,
peace and luv,

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