Sunday, May 30, 2010

a grand adventure and the giggles!!

Today Jamee and I went adventuring. We like to go explore places we have been before growing up but have never explored. Today was Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island in western Washington. We wandered the low tide beaches watching people clamming and turning over rocks to find crabs. We then went to a different part of the park where there are campgrounds and a gift shop and a playground and a lot of field for kite flying. Since it was a low tide we walked out towards Indian Island. We stopped so I could lean on a log - it was too high for me to sit on - and Jamee has the bright idea that she is gonna climb on top and sit down. She puts her camera down, and gets into a beautiful squat - all she has to do now is sit down. Then gravity took effect and she rolled backwards. Luckily at the back of the log the sand was only a couple inches down. She was not hurt but we did laugh about it for quite a while!! We then drove and found a whole new beach that we had never been to. On the way to this new beach we drove past a guy putting a parachute away - we totally missed him jumping and floating down. By this time it was raining on us. Jamee stayed in the car and checked her facebook and talked to David while I explored a little down there. I got to see a baby chickadee and even got a rather decent photo of it before it skittered back into the brush. We now decided that we wanted lunch since it was like 2ish. We decided that since it was just the two of us we would go to Fat Smitty's and see if they were open. They were so we split a Fat Smitty Burger and fries and shared a drink - they are cash only so we didnt want to hit the atm with their fees and all. Plus, it was enough to fill us up quite well. When you pay you get a tootsie pop!! So we are now driving home and I announce that I have just had a window licker thought. Jamee says enlighten me. So I tell her that if we should get into an accident, God forbid, that I will look like a retarded lady. I am in a hoodie with a veteran's poppy on my zipper, and in one pocket I have a rock and in the other a tootsie pop. But it is ok cuz I have my ID in my back pocket!! At this point we are laughing so hard we cannot stop. There are tears running down my face. All the rest of the way home all we had to do was start talking and then we were laughing all over again. It was a perfect ending to another great adventure!!
until next time,
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