Monday, June 28, 2010

merging rules!

Hello all,
This adventure starts last weekend, when we decided to take our nephews for the weekend. We were picking them up friday evening since we had to drive to Tacoma anyway and drop our step sister off. on the way there we were at an area where three lanes merge into one that is very well marked. so this car drives all the way up to the end of the merge lane and starts pushing its way in to be in front of us but in the process was pushing us off the road. so jamee honks and flips the people off - at this point we dont know if it is a man or woman cuz of tinted windows. anyway the car backs off and gets behind us and as it does it starts flashing red and blue. yup you guessed it, we were being pulled over by the cop who we didnt let in at the end of the merge lane. so he walks up to my window (passenger side) and asks jamee "just what is your problem today maam?" to which jamee answers "well it was my impression that you were supposed to merge before getting to the end of the merge lane" at which point i am thinking she is getting a huge ticket. so he goes on with "and not letting me in saved you what? 2 seconds? what if i had been a bad guy? with a gun?" and again jamee answers "you probably would have shot me" - by this time i know she is getting a huge ass ticket. her tone was not rude during any of this, but her answers...........OY!! and i am biting my tongue cuz my answers were much worse than hers!! so he just looks at her and gives her her license and registration back and says to her "well drive friendleir and have a nice day" and he walks away. no ticket, no nothing. just a little lecture!! i totally did not see that coming. of course the rest of our drive we came up with awesome answers to his questions. unfortunately for the world they are not going get put in print here as they were really not nice.
until next time,
peace and luv,

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