Saturday, June 19, 2010

William D Willett

William D Willett
My best friend's father.
One of my great father figures in life.
What made this man so special to me that my son's middle name is William? Well for starters, he always believed in me. Even when I didn't believe in myself or think anyone else believed in me, Bill did. He would tell me how great I was as a human being and that I would go on to do great things in life. Of course, at 11 I thought that meant I would be a singing star or a dancing star or a roller skating star -- yes I was a dreamer. When all my plans changed due to an unexpected pregnancy at 21 I really felt like I had failed myself, and Bill. He had passed away before I got pregnant and I really wanted to prove that I would do great things in life - still thinking that meant something to do with making a lot of money. Now that I am 42 and my son is 20 I know I have done great things in life. I raised a son, all on my own (well not really I had a lot of family support) who is for the most part well mannered, has a strong belief in God, is saving himself for marriage, who was liked by everyone at his high school from the principal down to the janitor as well as all the students from all classes. I raised a son who respects women, treats all humans the same, accepts others just as they are and spreads joy to others. I know I have done something great with my life and therefore honored my best friend's father who told me I would do great things in life.

till next time,
Peace and luv

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