Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicken Chasing

So yeah, Jamee was house/pet sitting for a friend and one of the jobs while there is to collect the fresh eggs from the chickens and make sure they have feed and clean water. So we had been there a couple days and she goes in to clean the water and doesnt realize that the gate didnt latch behind her. needless to say, some of the chickens got out and were running around in the woods and the meticulusly landscaped yard. Jamee caught one since it just saw her coming and laid down, but there were still two running around. I found out about all this going on when she called me inside the house to call the dogs because they are trying to catch the chickens and eat them. so i get the dogs in the house and come out to try to help corrall the chickens (did i mention i am scared of "farm animals"?) so now we are both out running around trying to get the chickens to go back in their pen. no luck. jamee finally calls her husband dave to come help since he has experience with farm animals, but he is an hour away so now we have to watch the chickens for an hour. in the meantime, we have discovered that we are locked out of the house. so jamee reaches in through the doggie door to unlock the laundry room door and let us back in. jamee also has to throw her shoes into the washer since she has doggie poo all over her one shoe. so, now we are just watching and waiting - jamee is wearing my shoes, and i am in my socks. david finally gets there and he just like walks these damn chickens into their pen. apperantly chasing them and shaking branches at them was not our best idea :) who knew??

until next time,
peace and luv,

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