Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So my father has a final funny story

When the mailman delivered my father's ashes to my brother, he absolutely refused to touch the package since it was posted as human remains quite clearly.  So he brought it up to the house where my brother lives and went to give it to one of the roommates who told him she was not touching it either so he would just have to pick up his us mail bucket tomorrow.  She then decided that the package belonged to another roommate who is always ordering weird things online.  Just for the record, I dont think you can order human remains online YET!!  LOL So she puts it in his room.  That evening while she is bitching about the weird shit this guy orders my brother catches on that she is talking about human remains and says I have been expecting my father's remains are you sure it was addressed to him?  Sure enough, it was my father, and i guess he had that final last laugh on people.

peace and luv,

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