Saturday, November 26, 2011

the adventure continues

heard from my brother yesterday that my fathers ashes are here now - he got shipped from louisville to seattle so that i can put him in the water with my mom.  somewhere i should put some kind of actual memorial for them so that others can find it in the future but that is an adventure for another day.  when we did my mom's ashes we took her on a final adventure driving from the seattle area up to port townsend, the took her sightseeing a little and finally put her ashes into the straight of juan de fuca.  we took tons of photos and i made a slideshow of her final adventure, so i feel it is only fair that i do the same for my father.  and of course any excuse i have for a trip to port townsend is a good one.  i love it up there and i love the cemeteries up there.  i really need to take a day and go cemetery exploring here soon.  i have wednesday through friday off so maybe i will just hop a bus and see what i can find.  i am trying to get better about exploring and making posts on here :) time will tell.  i am also working on redoing my family tree as i found that i have like two whole trees combined but they are not showing up as duplicates - dontcha just hate that?  and have started working on a tree for my wonderful friends that i am staying with.  i hope everyone is having great adventures researching their family trees as well as exploring cemeteries.  peace and luv to all, laura

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