Saturday, November 26, 2011

november 26 2011

ok i am constantly falling behind on keeping this up all month so i am gonna go for a long one today - i am thankful that i have a roof over my head and food in my belly daily.  i am thankful for my family and my family of friends.  i am thankful that we have enough for extras like cable and netflix.  i am thankful that i can walk over a mile now.  i am thankful that my son is working on moving in with a friend till he gets back on his feet instead of living out of a tent in the winter.  i am thankful to have a new camera that i can take thousands of photos with again.  i am thankful that each day i grow closer to my weight loss goals and getting new knees.  i am thankful for the beauty all around me from everything to looking out in the distance at mt rainier to a fallen leaf in the gutter.  i am thankful to be watching a wonderful almost three year old who makes me younger every day.  i am thankful for my sore muscles at night because they mean i played hard each day.  i am thankful for the christmas lights going up all over as they make the world seem so much nicer, friendlier and peaceful.  i hope everyone out there has as much as i do and is as thankful as i am this year, peace and luv, laura

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