Thursday, June 28, 2012

Metro Bus Rantings

Ok people – for those of you that missed my first public service announcement on perfume and cologne – lets start over again.  Perfume and/or cologne are meant to enhance not announce.  When you are going to be in public and are worried about your personal odor please take a shower and wash with soap and water.  It really does wonders.  When you drown yourself in axe or your favorite Brittney or Justin perfume all it does is aggravate those of us who have fully functioning noses.  It also causes those of us with allergies and/or asthma to have a reaction.  Personally I have had everything from just a little runny nose to full out anaphalactic shock from someone’s perfume/cologne.  You are not the only person on the bus.
Now on to another issue I see frequently – make up – again meant to enhance your natural beauty not announce that you are a tammy faye baker fan – don’t get the joke?  Google it!  It is not a good thing – people laugh at you.  But I guess in the end it is your face.
Oh and while I am on my soapbox – it is awesome when you get that whole double seat to yourself, I totally understand the personal bubble issues that can arise from strange highly perfumed people sit next to you – please do not throw your long ass legs out over the seat and hang your feet in the freakin isle where people need to walk.  You can put your legs up without all that pay attention to my feet shit.
And finally – I honestly could care less what your affiliations are in whatever form you will choose to be offended by this – but guys --- PULL YOUR DAMN PANTS UP!!  The last time I checked it was a felony for people above the age of 21 to stare at the nether regions of people under the age of 18 and it should be a crime for you guys to have your underware and butts hanging outside of your pants – the same goes for you girls (I will not say ladies) who want to wear shirts that show almost your whole boob area and skirts or shorts that don’t cover as much as my little panties with the days of the week on them did when I was 9.
Ok, that is about it for today,
Remember I will have to keep these public service announcements coming until you all start listening – on the other hand, sagging jeans and tiny girl clothes make it harder to run, and the perfume, cologne and make up will probably attract the zombies when we have the zombie apocalypse!!
Until next time,
Peace and luv to all

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