Thursday, June 28, 2012

better update for you all

Where oh where to start – moving – that was a biggie there were very personal reasons that I decided it was time to tell Sammy and Rich that I needed to move out and would be out by the end of the month – I found a studio/hotel that I could afford if it turned out I couldn’t find anything else – it would have been a last resort but I would have done it. I talked to a few people about their rooms for rent – I had pretty much given up on getting into an apartment for several months since I didn’t have last and deposit saved yet as I was expecting to stay with Sammy and Rich at least through the summer. Well in the process of looking I went through the apartment rentals on craigslist because a lot of people post things incorrectly and found a studio in renton that said it was within walking distance to the park and ride (I don’t drive) and well within my budget – and it said that they were willing to work with the right person on last and deposit. So I tried for it, and I got it. I am all moved in and loving my place and my neighbors and living on my own. I thought I would be scared at night alone but Im not. And we worked out all the details and while it means not quite as much fun moneywise this summer I am ok with that. Cuz I am all about free fun in seattle!! And I will have a little money to play with just have to really stick to my budget so that I can stay on track.
What else has been going on in life? Loving all the roller derby I have gotten to see – huge thanks to my sister Jaymee for being so involved and so awesome as to let me be her plus one when she has one. My photos are getting better as I really figure out what settings work best for what situations and where to sit in which setting to get the best shots. I have also been taking a huge amount of flower photos as well as have visited a couple out of the way cemeteries. I don’t really have internet right at the moment so pictures will have to wait but will add some eventually.
I got a new tv – not my flat screen tv yet, but a nice one with a built in dvd player that was free thanks to one of the neighbors getting their new flat screen tv so it went to the other neighbor and they gave me the smaller one – it was totally my choice but I just couldn’t see that huge tv in my little place so I chose the small one. It really is all I need.
We are having a spaghetti feed Saturday for all 4 of us in our little fourplex. It should be fun. And I worked out that Jesse (my son) is going to come once a week and do the cleaning that really hurts me like the tub and the floors. He is cheaper than a cleaning service and he knows how freakin picky I am about things.
Funny things that have been noted by me this week, at fred meyer the produce guy was vacuuming the onions to remove all the dried skins – never saw that one before. We have had plumbers crawling around our building for two days cleaning out all the pipes and the only crawlspace entry is in my closet, so I have had random men popping up and out of my closet. Talk about a dream house LOL I also have a two foot tall santa standing in the middle of my place. One of the neighbors gave him to me and we decided he can just hang out till Christmas but until thanksgiving he is Gandolf not santa and his little tree is a staff in the making!! And the silly plumber guy said everyone should totally decorate for christmas in july – if they can sell us on sales for it we should be able to decorate!! Oh and people on the bus are an ever constant “free show” for me. There was a lady the other day who in a 30 minute ride changed seats 5 times including standing for a while. Not sure what that was all about but it was interesting.
Random thought - I am going to have to be very careful to include meat in my diet – with summer here I could care less about the meat aspect since there are so many readily available fruits and veggies. But with my iron issues I know I have to eat freakin red meat. Any ideas people on making it just a little easier??
Oh yeah, I am off my blood pressure medicine officially. I have not had it in like two months because my dr wanted my pressure checked first and I could not make it up to port townsend since I am working. Well now that I know I am settled for a good long while, I called the clinic in renton and it was still under the cutoff to be a returning patient and not a new one so that worked out well. I am also enjoying the freedom of living where I can be completely idependent – I have no others to really worry about so if I don’t feel like going straight home, I can hang out in seattle or go out or just do whatever. It is great. I didn’t realize quite how ready I was for this step of taking my life back from the depression (or the dark black pit of hell as I call it). so far this week I have had my dr appointment and just kinda hung out in renton until it was time for it, I went to the farmers market and hung out with my friend Naomi for a while – she was helping sell some tea. And yesterday after work I just walked down to Westlake and took photos of life and randomness. Today, it will be straight home to cook up some stirfry.  

until next time,
peace and luv to all

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