Sunday, August 5, 2012

hey y'all it's been a while

Sorry I have been MIA the last month.  What with work, the new apartment, friends and summer I just have not been in the mood to blog about much of anything.  Things in life are good - I am very settled in my apartment now - still things I need to buy one by one, but eventually this is gonna be the most awesome studio apartment EVER!!  Summer is officially here in Seattle this weekend.  Temps in the high 80's to mid 90's - too hot for me.  I am so thankful that we only get a few of these type of days a year.  This week has also been the big Seafair week - it includes fleet week with a few navy and coast guard ships down in Elliot Bay in downtown seattle that you can stand in line and tour if you wish, hydro racing, blue angels, air show........ but me, I am staying in my apartment where it stays relatively livable if i open everything up early and shut it all up by around 10.  I went after work Wednesday and took some photos of a couple of the ships down on the waterfront.  I am finding out that I dont mind being alone.  I really was worried when I moved into my apartment because it is the first time I have really lived by myself, but I love it.  Some nights I dont even turn on music or anything - I just enjoy the silence and time to contemplate life in general.  This month I am going to be working on family tree stuff, so expect to hear about that from time to time.  I am also trying to organize all my family tree stuff in Evernote.  I just got onto this bandwagon last night, but I can see the benefits of it and how it can help me get everything in one place.  i like that i can access all my info from anywhere - even my phone, which means that when I am on the bus and have a total AHA moment I can take note of it and access it later from my laptop.
I am going to try to be much better about posting in here about my very exciting life LOL so until next time,
peace and luv to all

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