Thursday, August 16, 2012

job hunting sucks!!

i started working at 10 - i was the neighborhood babysitter as well as my best friend and i were total dumpster divers and had "yard sales" every weekend.  by the time i was 13 i made at least three times what my mom got monthly from the state.  i kept it hidden in the wall of my room in a bag tied to a string tied to my light switch holder thing in the wall.  this money was to pay things like the electric bill when they would come to shut it off or the rent when it accidentally didnt get paid.  i worked babysitting all the way through high school as well as a few office jobs here and there.  my mom always told me that as long as you have office skills you will always have a job.  boy was she wrong.  after high school i worked at a thrift store, babysitting then as a live in helper for a foster home that had several high risk special needs kids.  i did that until i got pregnant with my son and got put on bedrest.  after i had my son i didnt live in but still helped out a lot because i could bring him with me.  when my son was 7 i went to office work and worked solidly until i lost my job in aug of 2007.  yes i have totally expended all my unemployment, but i have been working this past year and now i had to apply for unemployment again - i dont honestly think they are going to approve it, but it is worth a try.  in the meantime, i need a job.  i am actually thinking of looking into retail because at least it would be a job and if i disclose my arthritis they are supposed to make provisions for me since it is a disability.  the biggest thing is i cannot stand for very long without my back seizing up.  that my dear fans is not fun at all.  but the one thing i have figured out during this week of job searching again is that my faith in God is a lot stronger than i thought it was because i am working hard on not stressing, knowing that He has a greater plan for me than i am aware of and it will work out because it has to.  all that being said, if you could keep me in your thoughts and prayers to whomever it is you choose to have that relationship with it would be greatly appreciated.

until next time,
peace and luv to all

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