Saturday, April 7, 2012

my life week ending 4/7/2011

hello everyone,

well my first week of work was amazing.  i didnt realize how much i missed the daily routine of going to work.  I am doing data entry and work with an amazing team -- and my bosses last name is bacon so hey cant go wrong there now can you??  so, genealogy -big news this week has been the release of the 1940 census.  i have not had time to really even look at it yet, and probably wont get to for a couple of weeks between work and seattle sunshine :) mr william.. he is good, i miss him during the day but i appreciate him all the more when i get home at night.  i watched him last night and had an amazing hour of cuddling at bedtime.  journaling -- need to get caught up on that tonight :) but here is one about your family history - where do you think your family was in 1940 and what do you think they were doing?  my mom's family was living in louisville, ky and they had my aunt ginny and my aunt linda.  my mom wasnt born until 1946 and my aunt judy was born i think 1944 or 1943.   my father's family was living in louisville as well i believe.  my father was not born until 1944 or 1945 but his brother might have been born.  yes i am doing this from memory and really should be looking at the family tree.  it will be interesting to see where my fathers family was for sure because i am really not sure since i know from talking to my dad before he passed away that my grandfather actually at certain points lived and worked in like chicago or something like that.  i havent done any scrapbooking but have been taking photos like mad.  here are a couple for you ---
does anyone know what these tree/bushes are?  they get like pussy willows on them that turn into these awesome daisy looking flowers.

this is the statue that is in the little park outside my work.  i love the character of her.  i call her delilah and she is always happy to see everyone :)

the space needle behind the monorail tracks

hunger games poster with my work building reflected on it

well i hope everyone had a wonderful week, happy Easter if you observe it or passover if you observe that or sunday for the rest of y'all :)
peace and luv to all

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