Sunday, April 15, 2012

my week 4/15/2012

hello all,
i hope you have had an amazing week.  i know i did and now it is time for my busy weekend - sunshine in seattle means not staying inside much.  work this week was great, i really didnt do a lot online except try to keep up with blogs i like to read and facebook friends and all.  between working and sunshine i will be online less and less but am determined to keep my blog up weekly.  jaymee (my sister) came over from port townsend yesterday and we had a wonderful adventure.  we went to the new birdwatching park in auburn, then to a cemetery i had not explored yet.  unfortunately when we got there i was more interested in taking photos of flowers and for a large cemetery, there were not that many flowers there.  so off we went on yet another of our adventures - not knowing where we were going.  so we took back country roads to renton where i checked my mail :) it is something i forget to do quite often lol.  went to the library and checked out some road trip music and headed out towards mt ranier.  we knew we couldnt go all the way up because the pass is still closed, but it seemed like a great adventure, but then we realized that gas was like 15 cents a gallon more than it had been in renton and turned around and went back.  from there we ended up going to a good friends place and visiting till like 10pm - our adventures - you never know what you are actually gonna be doing!!  when we left we decided to stop by this small casino in auburn where an old friend works and check out the band - if they are good we stay, if not we bail.  they were good  we finally got home about 130 am and went to bed.  today it is another nice day but i am relaxing and doing some things around the house i need to get done.  i have not gotten to my photos yet, but when i do tonight or later in the week i will do a photo post.

have a great week everyone,
peace and luv to all

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