Monday, April 23, 2012

life 4/23/12

so yeah my weeks are pretty boring now -- get up, work, watch a little tv, sleep -- repeat x 5 lol but weekends -- oh how i love weekends.  especially sunny ones in seattle.  over the weekend jaymee and i went to the puyallup spring fair and looked all around at animals and crafts and fair type things lol the it was off to auto alley to look at cars then pig races where we got a photo taken with a pig - i need to scan it still but it is hillarious because i look terrified cuz mostly i was till i fell in love with the little pig.  then it was time to get seated for the demolition derby -- love me some demo derby -- right up there with roller derby!!  the drivers really gave us a great show including fireworks at the end.  then it was off to the casino and some food and dancing.  we finally got home around 2 am and were up getting ready to go again around 730.  Sunday we headed out for Leavenworth.  Jaymee had not been since she was in high school and i had never been.  it was an amazing day for  drive up and over the mountains.  we got there and it had to have been in the 80's and sunny.  jaymee and i talked and goofed around and laughed all day long.  anyway, i hope everyone else had a great weekend - here are some photos to enjoy of this weekend's adventures

piglet - not the one i held

funny little truck

awesome purple car

pig races

mt ranier

demolition derby

me and my "bf" Tim McGraw

Jaymee and her "bf" Toby Mac

Stevens pass



my knight in shining armor

Jaymee likes the beard i guess lol

a 49ers bike for my mom

glass angel

no parking 

little church

do you really wanna know what kind of meat they have at the bbq???

peace and luv to all

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