Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the days roll by.......

so here we are 10 days till christmas. who knew!! probably everyone except for those of us who are just thankful to have a roof over their head for the holidays. so jamee and i went into town the other night for groceries and stopped to take photos of the pretty lights that they have in downtown sequim - and of course i am still not so great at taking pictures of the lights but i try and i will eventually get it right. this top one i just decided to move the camera on purpose i think it looks really cool.
this photo i didnt mean to move, but of course i did :)

so tonight is store run night again, i really am not used to not being able to go to the store whenever i want yet, and when i get my apartment in port townsend i will be much more mobile since they have a good bus system. also, i am looking forward to january. i know it is crazy but i know by the end of january i will start to notice the days getting longer again. i love living in washington and dont want to live in any other state, but the dark winter days really get to me. i need to call the dr's office back to make an apointment with dr nelson so i can be good with dshs as well as getting some of this stuff started like different meds for pain management and making sure that the dr's will have all my medical info even from my dr from years ago when this knee/back stuff really started getting bad - and that was like 5 years ago. anyway, that is my life this week, making phone calls and taking bad light photos lol maybe i will get out for a walk today. i have not been doing my walks since it was icy out for a week, plus i am kinda scared of getting myself lost out here. so i hope you are all having a good week,
peace and love

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