Monday, December 7, 2009

organization update

so i am making headway now on my organization of the family tree. i have come up with a spreadsheet that has a checklist, census info and other info on it, as well as my research sheet that will show what i have as well as what i am still researching and looking for. i have started loading some files onto officelive which is an awesome way for me to share all this information with the family - even if they dont have access to office products. and while i have been using this program for a while now for other ventures, i cannot wait for google to go live with their version of it. so for the next few days i will be adding what i have already added to the files - then i will have jesse go through and let me know what all needs added still - make sure each one has a checklist as well as a research sheet kinda thing. then i will get that part done and will be able to start going through the family tree again adding files but it will be easier knowing exactly what i want in there. oh and i need to add photos too :) that will be a big undertaking as well. but if i am gonna do this, i want to do it right. also, jamee has been spending time sitting with me while i am organizing stuff and she is going through the trees on ancestry looking through the hints for me. which is actually nice. we both may be sitting in silence working on kinda our own stuff, but we are doing it together and getting it done. so all that being said, i am off to do my "work" for today - which includes starting the christmas card addressing - so.......
peace and luv,

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