Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

Well it is actually only Christmas eve but still. And how cute is my great-niece Kailiana? Yesterday my sister and I had a deep discussion about the pro's and con's of teaching your kids to believe in Santa. Her view - Santa is a lie and you should not lie to your kids because they will resent you for it in the end. My view - Santa is based on a real person, Saint Nicholas, who was granted sainthood due to his spirit of giving, and that by teaching kids to "believe" in Santa you instill in them early childhood faith - believing in something you cannot see. Then as they get old enough to let them know that mom and dad are Santa, you explain that Santa is based on Saint Nicholas and the spirit of giving and Always it is (in my house anyway) explained that Christmas is first and formost about Christ. That you may not get everything you want, but by giving to those less fortunate than you, you will get the gift of peace in your heart. In the end we agreed to disagree - as we do with most things political/religious. But that is ok. In life it is good to have discussions like this with people who completely disagree because it confirms for all to see how deeply you believe in something. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all,
Peace and luv,

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