Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wednesday morning

well i am glad to say that yesterday was a good day. my pain level stayed low even without meds and i was able to actually accomplish things i was supposed to - like phone calls and a shower!! the sun is shining out my window today and that makes me happy. i decided to start watching the glee experiment or whatever it is called on yesterday and have fallen in love with it just like i did with glee. anyway, it is still early here in the morning. i am going to put this as a draft and hopefully add to it later today ~ peace and luv
well here it is almost 9 pm had a good day today, just really tired. took a morning and an afternoon nap from which i woke up with a headache but it has been a decent day. a friend posted a quote that totally hit home today so i grabbed it and made it into a picture.
i couldnt post this last night because blogger was "sick" so here it is now :) peace and luv laura

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