Friday, July 1, 2011

july the first

usually right about now i am getting excited about whatever plans i have made for the fourth. good food, friends, and fireworks are always a great combination. however, yesterday was a bad pain day. i was having issues sitting in my chair so stayed in bed most of the day so i could stretch out and shift as necessary. me and my netflix had an amazing love affair yesterday!! today, i have a headache and my hips are burning, but i am in a good mood. the sun is out, i know on the fourth i will be taking a load of my stuff back to storage and that is the beginning of this newest chapter in my life. i have told my closest friends what all is going on, and a few family members, but am choosing carefully who to tell and when. i think i am in the right frame of mind today to work on the baby book order i have - it is pink and frilly so depression doesnt click with it very well and i want it to be amazing since the mother to be has had such a hard time even getting and staying pregnant. also i am slowly working on finishing my all about me scrapbook so will post those pages as i have them. hope everyone has a great day, peace and luv, laura

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