Saturday, July 9, 2011

july 9 2011

well today starts my new life - putting everything i can fit into storage and then hoping that the shelter will have a bed for me. i am terrified. there are so many what if's and so many things can go wrong, but this is where my heart is leading me and it is the best way right now for me to get the medical help i need. i am having a really hard time right now thinking of myself as a failure. i have worked hard my whole life to make sure that there was a roof over my head and the heads of those i love, that there was electricity, and food. but right now i cannot provide that for myself, let alone my son or my cat. my son is just gonna wander for a while i guess because he didnt come up with a plan. my cat has to go to a shelter if my friend asks around today and still cannot find a place for her. my stuff is going into storage which i honestly have no money to pay for. Lord above i hope i have made the correct decisions. my sister will be here soon to get my stuff and start taking it to storage........ i think i am gonna take some stuff to the pawn shop and see if i can get a little money to help out with. i should really get off of here and finish packing my stuff, but i feel like if i dont do it none of this will happen. anyway, peace and luv to all, and i will keep writing when i can, laura

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