Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tuesday.......... july 5th 2011

yesterday was not so great. i am having very agoraphobic feelings towards leaving the house. i think once i can get myself to actually go out the door, i will be ok, but sometimes that is the biggest hurdle. one good thing about going back up on the penninsula is jaymee will not let me just stay in my little comfort zone. she guilts me into going and having fun. and i do have fun once i am out, again, it is getting through the door that is the hard part. also, i was in pain yesterday. it was a hot pain from my ass down my thigh in the back (yeah i know that is from my back), and then from my knee to my ankle in the front felt like my bones were splintering. i dont know how else to explain it. it hurt - a lot - like 9 out of 10 pain. but i took meds and laid down and watched fireworks from my bed out my window. i even clapped for some of them, but that could have been my meds :) jaymee posted photos of kameo's girls - my nieces - and it makes me miss them soo much that i cannot wait to get back up there so i can see them regularly again. anyway, i am gonna try to be productive today, so peace and luv to all, laura

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