Monday, July 4, 2011

independence day

well here it is 4th of july. my big celebration plans are pretty much nothing. i did send my son to the store so we can have hot dogs and potato salad tonight, but other than that no plans. what i really want to do is lay in bed and watch movies, but i decided to come out and sit in the living room. when i am sitting, my legs and neck hurt pretty bad, when i am laying down as long as i shift every few minutes i can usually be pretty comfortable most of the day. so i am watching independence day - cuz well hello!! i hope my focus comes back soon. i hate it when my mind rebels against me in this way. i cannot wait to see the social worker on the 13th and get everything rolling. i need medical, i need mental health help, i need to find me again and be able to live without pain 24/7. the increase in my prozac has helped some, but i am still floundering. anyway i am gonna get off of here for now so this does not turn into a huge pity party, peace and luv to all, laura

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