Saturday, August 13, 2011


so yeah it has been a busy time for me the last few days..... i went on an interview with an agency, have been working on my first paid scrapbook order, collecting ideas to get the wedding planning website worded correctly and all and decided i will actually do a website/banner/business card type one as well. i will focus on a more retro feel for it - tattoos, bikers, muscle cars, pin up girls, roller derby and rock n roll! and i ran into Michael the other day and he needs a website for his pin-striping that he does so we talked and exchanged cards and such and hopefully i will be his choice for creating his website. so i guess when i grow up i wanna be a wedding planning, scrapbook making, grave site cleaning, web designer. :) now to come up with a card for it all - i just cracked myself up!! anyway, the sun is out and i am gonna try to get some stuff finished up today so that i can take tomorrow off for a car show ~peace and luv to all~ Laura

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