Monday, August 22, 2011

8/22/11 life sux edition

I love having this as a sounding board. So my manager who kept telling us that he was ok working with us as long as the money kept coming in weekly gave us a 3 day pay or vacate notice friday at 5 that means that there is no time friday to try to get emergency funding and weekends are out so basically we had today to get help and well we didnt get it so i suppose we are all facing homelessness. then i went to dshs to see about getting back on a gau which is general something unemployable due to my depression and physical ailments among other things and was told that i will probably qualify, but that the program is being obliterated as of october so i will only get benefits for september and october then will have nothing again. so i am facing disability, homelessness, and there being no funding for help - it is great. not to mention the stress of wondering where my son will go - yes he is 21 but still my son - and knowing i cannot keep my cat who i have had for 12 years. but i will survive this as well as all the other crap i have survived in life!! anyway, back off my soapbox for now, peace and luv to all ~ Laura

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