Saturday, August 20, 2011


ok seriously - a week without internet sucks although the library has free internet and it is quiet there for me to work. I goto caught up on a lot of stuff in photoshop since I didnt need the internet for that. also, the apartment management has decided not to work with us anymore and gave us a three day pay or vacate notice. sean is going to go see about charity funding for the money we owe. it sux to be at this point but it is where we are. I told jaymee that if we cannot pull out of this one this time that I will be heading back up on the peninsula because in my heart that is where i want to be. my head says if you are gonna have a job you have to be in the seattle area because that is where the jobs are, but my heart misses the peninsula so much. now i just have to tell my family and friends cuz they are gonna miss me. but sometimes i have to do what is right for me and not everyone else. jesse's big back up plan is to be homeless while waiting for job corps to come through. that takes three to six months and he has not followed through with getting his paperwork in to them so it will not even start counting until he does. I hate having to put him in this situation, but reality he is 21 almost 22 now and has just been a lump on the couch since he dropped out at 18. and yes, i am to blame too because i have let it go on this long. but i am his mom and that is what moms do in my family :) anyway, I am outta here for the day, peace and luv to all, laura

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