Monday, August 31, 2009

book layout

both of the family tree programs i use have book capabilities. myheritage you choose book and it creates a book but you have no input as to what goes into it or what order it goes in. family tree legends on the other hand lets you customize your book - completely. what is included, what order, fonts, colors everything!! so, i do my research on, keep my work up to date with notes and photos and everything in myheritage, then when i am ready for a book, i export the gedcom to my desktop and import it into family tree legends to create the perfect book (in my opinion). and i also keep an excel spreadsheet for each family tree i work on to have quick access to what documentation i have found - census records, draft records, phone and address records, photos i have found. so since i am unemployed, this is my full time job at the moment. if i make the life decision and go on disability to take care of some major medical issues i have it will be my full time job for a while longer. somehow, today, i just wanted to share how i can take something that is complicated and just add to it a little :) but i know what i want and this seems to be the best way for me to accomplish it right now. now, on to a story for today. today we will revisit my introduction to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. one of the places we lived was the northgate area of seattle. the few friends i did let myself have and i hung out on "the ave" in the u district. translated for those of you who do not live in the seattle area - university avenue in the university district. we were all into heavy metal/glam rock of the time (mid 80's) and we had nothing to do except hang out and occasionally ask strangers for money as we were all broke. we were called "ave rats". but whatever, it was an adventurous time in my life. so there is this theater in the u dist called the neptune theater and they show midnight movies on the weekends - i saw a lot of great cult classics there!! so this one saturday night they are playing Rocky Horror Picture Show and everyone was like yeah lets go. I was the only one who had not seen it, but i didnt think anything of it. it was just another fun saturday night with my friends. not so much - once we get there one of my friends lets it be know that i am a "virgin" - i have never seen the movie. i dont know all the songs. and i certainly dont know why all these people in line are dressed up and have food. well i was teased the whole time we were in line. and into the theater, but then the movie started and i thought ok...... everyone will watch the movie and that will be that - i will no longer be the movie virgin. nope - they acted it out - sang the songs - and made sure that i looked a fool through the whole movie! while i was embarrased at the time, i have to admit to doing the same thing to other rocky horror virgins through the years. it is a right of passage. and in the end -- i have this story that i can tell.
well that is it for today,
peace and luv,

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