Friday, August 28, 2009

up to my elbows........

Ok is awesome!! I love it and would never say anything bad about it. however, while it is great and you can add a lot of people to your tree usually with a quickness due to public profiles and all, you then need to take the time to go back and verify that these are truly the correct people in your tree. even if it is just through census records showing that this family did indeed move in a way that would get you to where you are in life now. That being said - I am up to my elbows in research - I got my friends tree to up over 1000 people, now to verify them all, as well as the research on the dead ends that I really want to clear up. But this also tends to be the exciting part, the part where you find out that uncle so-and-so was high up in the army in WWI or find that story about aunt so-and-so falling in love with a french soldier and longing for him the rest of her life. Who knows what I will find. I guess that is part of my love for this, getting to know people that I will really never really know. Telling their story as best as I can. So, in keeping with my stories, here is one for today. When we were very young, I was 6 and my brother was 4, we lived with my grandparents in northern california. I have only fond memories of this time, as all children should have. But one in particular is that pretty much on a daily basis my grandma made us lunch of campbells chicken noodle soup and a peanut butter and honey sandwich. (Yes I still love this lunch) and if the sun was out - which it was more often than in Seattle - we got to eat outside sitting on the branches of the tree in front. I have no clue what kind of tree it was. But I think that was the beginning of my climbing fetish that lasted well into my teens. When you want to be alone - just climb up a tree. People don't take the time to look up in them.
Anyway, off to find out who I will get to know today,
Peace and luv,

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