Monday, August 24, 2009

New Blog for my Genealogy Research

I have come to realize that genealogy is my newest drug. I actually get a rush when I find a new branch or break through a brick wall. I also love the digging through documents to find the correct one for that family member. I am currently working on my family tree, my step-siblings family trees, and my best friends family tree. So that when I have a brick wall that is just too frustrating, I just switch which tree I am working on :)
Current lines I am researching:
(my tree)
Whitehouse, Burns, Johnson, Hoffmann - Whitehouse further breaks down to Whitehouse and Kelley, Burns further breaks down to Burns and Whitehouse, Johnson further breaks down to Johnson and Shackleford and Hoffmann further breaks down to Hoffmann and Wetzel
(step-siblings tree)
Friend - Friend /McGlasson, Runion - Runion/Tritton, McClurg - McClurg/Murphy, Whitlow - Whitlow/Martin
(best friends tree)
Willett - Willett/Monroe, Varley - Varley/Unknown, Camfield - Camfield/Whitnack, Dingey - Dingey/Smith and Weiss

I am starting this to let everyone who is involved - family, friends and people I meet along the way - know what is going on with me and my addiction :)

I hope y'all enjoy my ramblings. I am going to try to post daily but being me I make no promises

Peace and luv,

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