Sunday, August 30, 2009

sometimes saturdays are lazy

ok, i didnt get very much accomplished on the family trees yesterday. i was having a lazy day. i even took a 4 hour nap :) but i did realize that myheritage - one of the software programs i use for family tree stuff (i use three programs so that i have what works best for me) - has a new merge family button which is saving me so much time. it used to be that if there were notes on a person in another tree you had to manually re-type them into your tree - very time consuming if the other persons tree had a lot of story type history in it. now i just hit merge and voila! i have the notes as a 2nd note in my tree!! so yeah i played with that for quite a while yesterday as well as the create book application it has. i like the book part on my other software because i can choose what i want in the book as opposed to it just makes the book the same no matter what. so yeah it was a rather lazy day for me yesterday. today will be better, i am much more focused!! so, story for the day - today we will have a little sister story - but first a little family history. i only have one natural brother and one half brother who was put up for adoption at birth so i have never met him. however, when my mom remarried when i was 14 he had a bunch of children with other women - at that time 1 in germany, 4 in missouri, and 1 in washington where we lived. the 1 in washington is my little sister - she was 4 when my mom married her dad and 12 when they divorced. just because her dad was an ass didnt mean i didnt still love her as my sister. now, dont get me wrong, i dont feel that way about his other children. his older children, i only met two of them and one is dead now and the other i have no love for. and his younger children - yes he had more after my mom - are my son's age so while i am now getting to know them and adore them and their children -- i am auntie to their children but kinda like a mom/sister to them. and our relationship is only begining over the last couple of years now. so....... that is how i have a little sister :) you see why i needed to start a tree to keep track of it all?? so there is an almost 10 year gap between me and my little sister, so while she was fun to dress up and all it was hard - i was a teen and didnt want her hanging around a lot when she was little. and that mostly worked out since she lived with her mom and we went to visit her on weekends and she only spent like a week a summer with us. until i turned 18 and knew i needed to not live with my mom and her dad anymore. so i went and lived with her mom and family. it was honestly what i needed at that point in my life - stability. so my little sister and i shared a room, which was actually a travel trailer that was hooked into the electricity so we had electric but had to go into the house to use the toillet or eat or watch tv ...... it was a room but it was also my privacy - shared with an 8 year old at night!! one who hated my music and assumed i was not only going to hell for listening to it but was taking her with me :) so yeah it was kinda rough since i listen to music all the time even when i sleep and she was always running in to tell her mom that i was condeming her to hell. at the time it was very frustrating but now we look back and laugh about it -- a lot! since she now listens to the same music as me. and now the age difference is not so bad. in fact i loved it when she got old enough to go out to clubs with me. but those are other stories for other days...........
hope y'all have a great sunday,
peace and luv

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