Thursday, August 27, 2009

Too Excited

Well I guess I got just too excited yesterday, I worked myself right into a migraine and spent the last few hours of my day laying in my cold dark room. I think that I may have found my friend's mom's line in England, just need to really research it and make sure. I also think I found her hubby's dad's natural father's line, again really need to research it first. I really want to get that part done for his dad so that he can see it before he passes away. You have to understand, I have known my best friend since I was 8 years old and her hubby since I was 16. We all hung out together the year that I lived up there in high school and that meant we were at her house or his house or my house. ALL THE TIME!! It was a wonderful time in my life and there are so many memories - Like the time I went to her house but she was already over at his house. So he came over in a VW Bug to pick me up. Then drove through the park to get back to his place all the time telling me we have no brakes - you better hope I can stop in time!! :) Crazy times but memories that make me smile - now that they are over lol. Anyway, off to my family mysteries.
Peace and Luv

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