Saturday, August 29, 2009

research research research

now that i have added and added it is major research time. i am making sure i know where all the ends of lines are as well as any other mysteries in all three family trees. i am also looking at people for military service. i am finding that while i have never liked war movies that if i have one playing in my background (on the tv but my back is to the tv) it seems to spur me on to find peoples military background. story for today...... when my brother and i were little we spent a lot of time with my aunt and uncle - weekends, a week or so in the summer just having fun with their kids while our mom worked - anyway this one visit we were allowed to camp out in the yard. i am not sure where they were living at that time but for me, my brother and my cousin it was a great adventure. my uncle put up tents and everything. and while i dont remember everything about it, i do remember laying there looking at the stars for what seemed like hours and hours and how peaceful the world seemed. and dreaming about the infinite possibilities of my life. and my uncle showing us the constellations. and while i now absolutely hate camping i am glad for my youthful experiences that made me into the dreamer that i still am today.
anyway off to discover new possibilities in the family trees,
peace and luv,

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