Friday, February 19, 2010


finally i have some useful information from my father. it is like pulling teeth to get information from most of my older family members - my dad and his brother because they just really dont know anything, apperantly family heritage was not something that was talked about - i am not honestly sure that anything was ever really talked about in their family. my mom's sisters - because their childhoods were not good - my two oldest aunts had to live in the catholic orphanage while my youngest aunt (my mom was the baby) lived with her aunt toots and uncle chick. she will probably be the best for information and a letter is in the works for all of the aunts. however, in talking to my dad the other day i was asking him about our hoffmann line, and he really didnt know too much as usual, but he did mention living hoffmann relatives. what? why have you not mentioned this before?? oh i dont know where they are anymore. still. so in about three hours i had addresses for four of them - one carol hoffmann was married to my grandmothers brother so will hopefully know more about the previous generations than my father. i also found two of the living hoffmann relatives on facebook and have friend requests into them. facebook is a wonderful thing. it is how i now know most of my cousins and second cousins on both sides of my family. relatives i have never met but who i now keep in touch with about family tree stuff. anyway, i have letters ready for the new hoffmann relatives, and will be getting them into the mail today or tomorrow. i hope this gives everyone hope to keep plugging along no matter how frustrated they might get.
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