Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Switching branches for a while

So, my step sister is now here in this tiny house with myself, my son, my other step sister and her husband. Not to mention the three dogs and three cats. However, it is all family and this is how it is supposed to work when things get rough for whatever reasons. All that being said, she brought with her some really interesting things from her family heritage. There are newspaper articles from when her Great Uncle got killed at Pearl Harbor, there are old family photos, there are military discharge papers, military we regret to inform you... papers, some militry ribbons and a sharp shooter award that i need to research to match to the papers and figure out whose they were for sure, there is also a pair of baby shoes that belonged to her grandmother, and a little jacket that was her father's. So now i am bouncing between the Friend/McGlasson branch, the Johnson/Hoffmann branch and the Whitehouse/Kelley branch. but it keeps it from getting monotonous. and it keeps me going.
i hope y'all are finding new and interesting things daily as well,
peace and luv,

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