Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome to Adventures of Jamee and Laura

Hello all,
I have decided to create a blog to document the adventures of Jamee and Laura. For those of you that don't know us yet, Jamee and I are sisters (well actually step sisters but who counts that little step??) with 9 1/2 years between us. I am the oldest and she is the baby. Now in normal families, this might present a problem, and while I was a teen it kinda did. But I always loved having this little girly girl doll to play with. Most of our adventures started after Jamee turned 21 and we started going out to bars together and really having fun. Now don't get me wrong, it is not always fun and games. We have our issues like any other sisters, but there have been so many adventures that people love hearing about that I figured it was time to write them down. The biggest issue is where to start............ so I believe I will start with a fun adventure that was actually when Jamee was 19 or 20. She was not old enough to go into the bars yet. Anyway, we had gone to downtown Seattle for New Years at the Needle. Now you have to realize, just because I am with someone who is not yet 21 does not mean I am not going to drink. Luckily for both of us I didn't mind slamming shots really quickly and running back out to hang out with Jamee. So there we were, under the space needle, listening to whatever band was playing, dancing with some hot guys - oh yeah - I totally shocked my sister that not only was I dancing with this stranger but I was "dirty dancing" with him. Totally grinding all over him. What can I say, I love dancing and I love dirty dancing!! But she got over her shock and we just really enjoyed the night. Dancing, laughing, hanging out with new "friends", and watching the fireworks at midnight. But you see so far this is just a fun night out, no adventure. After the fireworks is when the real adventure begins. I decide that the monorail and busses are just way too crowded so we will just walk back into downtown and get our bus back to Renton. So off we go - but remember I have been drinking and Jamee doesn't really know Seattle. So we decide that the best way back into downtown is to follow the Monorail tracks. (This is not the best way for those of you not familliar with Seattle) And off we go, with me stopping every two blocks or so to "run in this bar and check the time" meaning have yet another shot! Finally I realize I am not sure what street we are at and need to get back to where I know where I am. Being the responsible female that I am, I decide to get directions. So I look over and there are these two guys, both in full drag including platform boots so they are both pushing 7 feet tall. Well these gentlemen take pity on us and decide to walk us to the bus stop. So now here we are - the mostly drunk girl, her small town never seen a drag queen up close little sister, and these two really tall drag queens - walking through downtown Seattle to the bus stop. They even stayed with us until we got on the right bus. Weren't they just the sweetest?? So, yeah we made it home just fine. But I spent the next few weeks explaining that the drag queens were probably gay but not necessarily and that they were just people like her and me they just had superstar style!! LOL Well, I hope you have all enjoyed this little adventure of Jamee and Laura.
Until next time,
peace and luv,

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  1. Yea that was a great night!! I had so much fun, even though you kept running off and leaving. that is also the same night I realized. you were not going into the bars to check the time. You were going in there to have drinks!! LOL