Monday, February 22, 2010

welcome to another adventure.....

One of the biggest problems of having a best friend/little sister that you have many adventures with is deciding what to write about next. Should it be a big adventure or a small one? Will what seems funny to us seem funny to others? Does it really matter since I am basically doing this for Jamee and myself so that we have our adventures documented for future use. So, today is just a little adventure blurb. Because sometimes, that is all it is. A small blurb of an adventure that happens in the middle of life.
So, this one day we were driving up in the Renton Highlands. I dont remember what we were doing up there, but we were up by Renton Technical College sitting at a stop sign - waiting for the guys in the other car to go. As they make their turn in front of us, both of the guys in the car smile and wave at us. Ok, normal girls would have smiled and waved back. But not us. NO! We instead honk at them and flip them off. As we pull away from the stop sign, I look at Jamee and say "You know, this might be why we dont get dates."!!! OY! We laughed for the next ten minutes over that, because now we could see that the guys were probably flirting and how did we react - with anger and by flipping them off. Classic Jamee and Laura moment!!
Until next time,
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